“One real purpose in life. Eat. Try everything. Anything. Anywhere. In the end, we all want to be happy and good food makes me happy.” It’s a pleasure to join Kathy on her food adventure, because she really, truly has a passion for food. Since she lives in Hawaii, these posts are always delightfully exotic.Sample her determined quest for the perfect avocado smoothie. “My affection for this drink has been documented before. Many times over, in fact. It’s the one drink I search out everywhere I go... in the Mauna Kea marketplace there’s a boba stand called Thang’s.

Anyone who claims to love avocado smoothies must go there now. Right this moment. The menu is an awesome sight: pennyworth juice, durian shakes, jackfruit smoothies... goodness, so much deliciousness.

The durian is particularly tasty, but the avocado smoothie is the only one you want, no, need. How does one begin to do a proper avocado milkshake justice? It’s a bit like this, but better: chunks of fresh avocados, a generous pour of condensed milk, then a bit of whole milk, and then ice. It couldn’t be simpler. And yet, the taste. Oh my God. Ridiculous! At Thang’s, they fill the bottom of the cup with some boba (overcooked according to many, but that’s exactly how I like boba), and then slosh in a tower of the creamy pale green shake. It’s perfectly thick, enough so that the straw stands straight, but not so much that it must be spooned. And the taste? Oh maannn... You know how good a really fresh, finely ripened avocado tastes right?

Pair that with a lace of chilled sweetened condensed milk and crushed ice. Oh yes. Oh god! Liquefied avocado gone creamier, slightly sweeter and all the more bold.”

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