So what's for breakfast? Toast? Coffee? Jam? Well, this blog's a chance to vicariously experience something a lot more exciting. “Cordon Bleu and journalism graduate, former restaurateur, polyglot, expat wife and slummy mummy gives you her restaurant recommendations, recipes, and foodie goodies — from books to boutiques and even some travel tips.”

In Marbella, Spain, she eats hot crisp churros, sprinkled with sugar. In London, she's at Richoux. “Opened in 1909 as a confectioner and patisserie, over the years, it has become a cafe and tea room with several locations in London.” Of course, their typical English breakfast includes Eggs Benedict.

Paris? “We had our daily breakfasts — tartine, croissant and café creme at a neighborhood cafe close to our hotel — Le Nemrod. Then, 's there's showy Las Vegas, where she ate at Bouchon. Though the best breakfasts seem to be the ones made by her mother-in-law in Argentina. We sat down to a different types of facturas (baked goods).and some dulce de leche, the Argentine's daily spread made of caramelized milk. Along with that, we also had halved grapefruits and lots of coffee.”