So what's for breakfast? Toast? Coffee? Jam? Well, this blog's a chance to vicariously experience something a lot more exciting. Cordon Bleu and journalism graduate, former restaurateur, polyglot, expat wife and slummy mummy gives you her restaurant recommendations, recipes, and foodie goodies — from books to boutiques and even some travel tips.

In Marbella, Spain, she eats hot crisp churros, sprinkled with sugar. “Break off a piece, dip it in hot chocolate, making sure to dip between bites.” In London, she's at Richoux. “Opened in 1909 as a confectioner and patisserie, over the years, it has become a cafe and tea room with several locations in London.” Of course, their typical English breakfast includes Eggs Benedict.

Paris? “We had our daily breakfasts — tartine, croissant and café creme at a neighborhood cafe close to our hotel — Le Nemrod. It's on a corner of a residential area of the 6th where lots of locals walk by greeting each other and doing the French kiss-kiss.”

Then, there's showy Las Vegas, where she ate at Bouchon. “Thomas Keller's Vegas outpost of his homey French bistro. The menu has classic breakfast items like steak and eggs and French toast plus some heavier brunch-style dishes like Steak-frites and Chicken and waffles.”

Though the best breakfasts seem to be the ones made by her mother-in-law in Argentina. “After hellos, hugs and kisses, we sat down to a wonderful breakfast spread Argentine-style... different types of facturas (baked goods). There were the two versions of croissants — sweet (manteca) and salty (grasa), danish-type pastries... and some dulce de leche, the Argentine's daily spread made of caramelized milk. Along with that, we also had halved grapefruits and lots of coffee.”