The Urban Foodie blog “is the growing sapling of a recipe, food news and foodie meeting place,” according to its creator Mia, who says she “planted” it in March 2008, and expects it to “grow into a mighty tree over the next 18 months.”

Based in London, Mia says she created the site for “city dwellers who love food and cooking, care about where it comes from but don’t live in a River Cottage with endless time and funds or access to nettles that haven’t (suffered from) dogs or car fumes...”

Her ultimate objective is to create a platform for recipe sharing, food news and foodies. Since the core is a recipe database, she attempts to deconstruct seemingly complicated recipes, proving that you can have both a life and a home cooked dinner. The blog begins with a hearty, rustic lentil and goat cheese stew, and moves on to a broccoli and pesto pasta, and a Thai Green Curry.

Best of all are the cheery notes that accompany each recipe. Thai Green Curry for instance is, she says, “really a doddle and just tastes so GREEN... This recipe was passed on by a friend who cooked it for me just the wrong side of a bottle of pink fizz (throwing things in the blender and distracted by our chatting) and we have been trying to make it quite as delicious ever since! I think this one is very nearly there.”

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