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Staying fit: Whatever be your type of workout let fitness and well-being be your chief motivator
Staying fit: Whatever be your type of workout let fitness and well-being be your chief motivator

Stick on to your fitness schedule for the right reason: the desire to be healthy, says Hemjith Bharathan

Starting a fitness schedule is easy but sticking on to it is a tall order. The initial interest and enthusiasm soon dampen. Other things take priority and very soon we end up making excuses and finding reasons to put them off. Some stop midway for they don’t see any results.

Yet there are quite a few who manage to persist and carry on. They would rather skip a meal than their routine work outs. What motivates them to hang on in there come what may?

The main concern of these fitness loyalists, it has been found, is neither the desire for awesome abs nor powerful pecs. Such stimulations are short lived. What makes one devoted and hold on firmly to their dumb bells or slip into their jogging shoes determinedly is more than anything a feeling of well-being and energy.

Appearances come last in the priority list. Loluck Baby, Fitness Expert says, “the recent trend especially in youth who spend time at the gym is to flaunt a well-toned physique. This is due to influence of films and other media. Such short cuts to health ultimately do not last. Those who exercise seriously and regularly do it just to feel fit. A vast majority become aware and start exercising on a daily basis only when their doctor advices them after being diagnosed with Blood Pressure or other ailments that require the body to exercise. Paradoxically thus Blood Pressure is considered a man’s best friend now. For it is only when he is diagnosed with it his life style change for the better. He becomes health conscious and starts exercising his way to fitness. Enjoyment of the exercise is another motivating factor. Those who exercise should also learn to enjoy it.”

SRK’s six pack abs or Aamir Khan’s pecs may spur one to head to the gym. However, the driving force that outlasts all others ultimately is to feel healthy and fit. But there is more to it than just fitness and energy. Other motivators too take priority over appearance. Sleeping better, feeling relaxed, being more alert, losing weight are some of the other reasons that make many exercise regularly. Ranjit.B, Senior Bank Manager says, “I would never miss my brisk morning walk and yoga for the world. It is my daily dose of medicine. Besides keeping me fit and peppy it is also a stress buster, improves self esteem and confidence. Meeting hundred clients a day requires tremendous mental and physical stamina. My regular exercise gears me up to meet all the pressures of the corporate world with calm.”

The true logic behind regular exercise thus is loud and clear. Whatever be your type of work out- jogging, swimming, weight training, aerobics or yoga let fitness and well-being be your chief motivator. Keep at it resolutely. Everything else including looks will follow.

Downside: Repetition gets to you, so fight it

Bottomline: Stick to the regimen and see the change




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