Floored by flat tresses

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Straight priorities Wavy locks are out and flat and smooth is in
Straight priorities Wavy locks are out and flat and smooth is in

Straight hair is chic and women are going ga ga over flattering modes of hair-flattening

The grass on the other side of the fence always looks greener and so women have traditionally been going green with envy over what others have. The notion applies to looks as well. Instead of taking pride in one’s own distinct physical features, this breed seldom stops craving for what others flaunt. Hair, the crowning glory of the fairer sex, is a classic example to prove it. Those with straight and silky hair rush in for a perm, while those with curly, wavy locks long for smooth and straight hair. Submitting to the trend of flat and shiny hair, many women with the curliest of tresses are getting rid of their curls. The fact that hair straightening gives silky, super straight hair, the way girls in hair commercials look, or the Jennifer Lopez’s killer locks, has girls going ga ga over the new rage.

Sonali had an unruly mass of coiled hair. “I always envied straight hair of my friends and dreamt of combing through soft, silky hair rather than tugging my hairbrush through frizzy locks. Not any more. After having it straightened it feels so beautiful!”

Besides the chic factor, straight hair is easy to manage. Turning frizzy hair into smooth flowing mane is all possible by straightening flat irons. There are three basic steps for straightening of curly hair.

Processing: as soon as the chemical relaxer is applied, the hair begins to soften and lose its curls.

Neutralising: the chemical relaxer is thoroughly rinsed out with warm water followed by shampoo.

Conditioning: it gives strength to damaged hair and protects it from the effect of the chemicals.

It is far easier to curl straight hair than it is to straighten curly hair. Straightening hair is a lengthy and apparently never-ending saga. But wary of the fact that there can’t be a gain without pain, Jassi, a home-maker, went all the way to Mumbai to get her hair straightened from a good saloon.

It is important to remember that even after straightening your hair chemically, you will need to blow-dry it straight after every wash. For a ‘rod-straight’ hair (think Preity Zinta in Kal Ho Na Ho), ironing of hair is an easy option which can be done at home before blow drying. But it is harsh on the hair and it only lasts until the next wash.

Japanese Hair Bonding is the latest method of chemically straightening of hair. In this, you have the advantage of gaining straight for life. But you will need to re-straighten new hair as it grows by way of touch-ups. This is the most expensive method and some parlours charge as high as Rs. 10,000 for flattening hair upto a few inches longer than the shoulders. One must go to only a reputed parlour for a thorough job.

“I restrict my customers from washing hair for minimum three days after straightening, as it allows the treatment to set. One must not clip the hair, tie a rubber band or wear any other accessories for at least three days. Wearing a shower cap while bathing is advisable. This is to prevent the hair from becoming wet,” says Ali, a hairdresser of repute.





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