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A balanced diet Helps you enjoy life to the fullest
A balanced diet Helps you enjoy life to the fullest

Size and weight don't matter — eating right does, says celebrity nutrition expert Rujuta Diwekar

Much ado was made about Kareena Kapoor's ‘size zero' vital stats, but the woman who helped her achieve that doesn't believe much in numbers. “It was only when people started asking me how Bebo came down from 60 kgs to 48 that I knew. You know, I don't even have a weighing scale in my office,” says celebrity nutrition expert Rujuta Diwekar (Anil Ambani and Karisma Kapoor are clients too). Rujuta's philosophy is simple; eat right, eat often, not necessarily less.

Despite being anti-numbers, there's something she has meticulously arranged in order — the five major mistakes people make in a bid to lose weight.

Mistake 1

Owning a weighing scale. “Do you want to look better or do you want to look a certain number on the weighing machine?” asks Rujuta. “There's nothing like a target weight.”

Mistake 2

Eating tasteless food.

Mistake 3

Trying to eat a small quantity. “If you starve yourself, your body is going to ask for those calories sooner or later,” Rujuta warns.

Mistake 4

Going by set standards. “Once you start eating often, you empower your stomach to talk to you often. Eat according to a pattern that suits you,” she adds.

Mistake 5

Not eating according to season. After her bestselling “Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight”, Rujuta is in the process of finishing her second book, expected to be launched mid-year. “This one is going to be for women specifically,” she reveals.

During her talk, Rujuta doles out other useful tips: The right time to have a sweet? “10 a.m. or 4 p.m.”

“What if you feel like having one after lunch or dinner,” asks someone. “Your body is already high on sugar after a meal. If you have a sweet then, you body is just going to store it up,” says Rujuta.

“We usually tend to develop sub-clinical deficiencies. We're not going to die of a deficiency or develop something like scurvy or one of those things we're taught about in school. But it will keep us from enjoying life to the fullest and away from our optimal best,” she elaborates on the importance of a balanced meal.

Cooking oil? “Instead of a five-litre bottle, get one litre at a time. Get filtered oil instead of refined, as filtered oils don't remove all the essential nutrients from the seeds. ” advises Rujuta.

“If you have clothes that don't fit, throw them out,” says Rujuta. “Don't keep them as a reminder. You should be able to enjoy every day and the changes it brings in your body.” Rujuta Diwekar's own diet pattern includes a series of about nine tiny meals per day, yoga and a periodic trip to the Himalayas. Ask her about her favourite client, telling her “I like them all” won't do, and she smiles, “Bebo's fantastic.”





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