TV Catch “I Almost Got Away With It” on Discovery Channel Tamil

Discovery Channel Tamil's new series “I Almost Got Away With It” features real-life stories of people who have evaded justice for years — sometimes decades — by using any and all means necessary, including their families, fake identification, and even violence to escape the long arm of the law… until they got caught. Now behind bars, these culprits now tell us their stories. From a drug dealer who shoots his girlfriend in a lover's feud to an ex-cop who is caught on tape firing a gun at her friend's home, each has a different story.

With the best and the brightest in law enforcement after them, their tales of life on-the-run are truly unbelievable.

Find out how law enforcement uses all means necessary to discover and capture the wanted.

Some of the episodes in the series are “Got Caught by a Cougar”; “Got to Roll the Dice”; “Got a Dead Man's ID”; “Got Caught via E-mail”; “Got Plastic Surgery”; “Got Shot Above a Deli”; and “Got Raps”. The episodes air at 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday.