Sneha Ullal and Kumar Sahil of Kaash…Aap Mere Hote about their film

Bollywood actress Sneha Ullal who came to fame with Salman Khan’s “Lucky”, is now out with “Kaash Aap Mere Hote”. She takes time out to talk about her career.

Sneha, why has there been such a long gap between ‘Lucky’ and ‘Kaash Aap Mere Hote’?

You have forgotten another name in between — “Aryan” with Sohail Khan. I started my career when I was in school. It is not that I have not been offered other roles, my parents advised me to take a break from the film industry and concentrate on my studies.

Critics say you resemble Aishwarya Rai, what do you say about such a comparison?

It’s because of my looks that people might think I resemble her. But we are two different individuals and I believe she (Aishwarya Rai) did not give her best performance in the first movie; she also took some time to be recognised by the critics. I have also started my career at an early age and I know I have a long way to go before I win people’s recognition. Before this movie, I had done two southern movies, where I learnt so much — body language, dialogue delivery, gesture, posture, etc. Now I think I will be able to perform better.

Tell me about the story and your character in ‘Kaash..Aap Mere Hote’?

We play a couple who love each other very much. There’s a triangle as a teenage girl believes she is in love when she is infatuated with the boy. Talking about my character, I play a very simple, girl next door, who gets whatever she demands. It’s a very well scripted story and my character is well portrayed.

Sneha’s co-star Kumar Sahil reveals what keeps him motivated.

Is Kumar Sahil your real name or have you chosen it as your screen name?

Sahil is my name and my father’s name is Gulshan Kumar. So instead of Sahil Kumar I made it Kumar Sahil. I hope people will like it.

Do you have a film background?

I was born and brought up in Ludhiana, Punjab and my father is businessman. After my studies, I felt I would carry on my family business but destiny had different plans for me and I landed in Bollywood.

How did ‘Kaash Aap Mere Hote’ happen?

Shravanji (of Nadeem-Shravan duo) and my father are good friends. Shravanji was planning a film with a fresh look, I was invited for the audition. I used to be plump and I had to tone up for the role.

Then I took acting classes for six months.B.H. Tharun, a popular film choreographer, helped me with the dancing bit. My co-star Sneha, Rajesh Khanna and Johnny Lever were very supportive.

Tell the readers more about this movie and also your plans?

Our script is different from usual teenage love stories. Here, we differentiate between love and infatuation. You can say this is a love triangle with a difference.

The finished product came out very well, everybody appreciated our work. I am keeping my fingers crossed and the rest depends on God.