Fighting germs

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Homoeo Call Lack of hygiene can cause infections

Play safeWash hands more often if someone has a cold
Play safeWash hands more often if someone has a cold

The human immune system is always on high alert and on guard to stave off challenges from common infective agents or germs that infect the body and cause disease. A few hygienic interventions would go a long way to prevent many diseases.

Washing hands while walking into the house, coming out of the toilet, before every snack or a meal and after every activity, would not allow any germ to penetrate the security system of the body. Nothing can be more overrated than an anti-bacterial soap; the regular usage of such soaps would only breed stronger and more resistant germs. Moreover they are no better than the usual soaps.

If a family member has caught a cold, it makes sense for everyone in the household, especially children to wash their hands more often than usual and also have separate food, drink, plates and utensils for themselves till they get out of the episode. Talking about a hand wash, it is also important to note that during seasonal changes and also when certain viral infections are in the air; it is better to use an alcohol-based hand wash which is likely to neutralise many infective agents.

Some of the commonest germs find their haven in the sockets of gums and teeth. It's therefore very important to brush teeth at least twice a day to prevent the infections.

Teaching children the importance of sharing is very important, but sharing need not extend to combs, hats and brushes. When shared, sports equipment are more likely to spread the germs from one to another because of sweat-soaked nature.

A cold and a cough is just waiting to happen and the affected would do well to use a tissue so that the air around is not filled with those germs. Intake of fruits and vegetables and cooking with ginger, garlic and cinnamon would help boost immune properties of the body.

Homoeopathic medicine has remedies to boost the immune system when the infective agent strikes. Not all germs are harmful and there is no point in living in fear just imagining the germs to be there in the tooth brush or combs we use. Well, atleast with Homeopathy around: All is well and that ends well.






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