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HOMOEO CALL Numerous medical reasons can lead to fatigue among women

Sick and tired If you are feeling tired all the time, get yourself a medical check up
Sick and tired If you are feeling tired all the time, get yourself a medical check up

W omen all over the world seem to have a tendency to get tired easily without any explicable reason; it would be important to learn the causes behind it.

Feeling tired at the end of the day is a common feature but if an individual finds the energy sinking when going through the chores and looks for rest and finds oneself without motivation; this state is one of fatigue. Women are more susceptible to this state than men; and explain the situation as being unwell, tired with a poor concentration and find it a stress to go through normal activities. Apparent or recent illness, moving home, change of life, loss of a loved one, problems at work are obvious reasons but if fatigue seems to set in without any reason, it is usually due to some common conditions as listed below:

The primary cause can be attributed to anaemia wherein red blood cells that carry oxygen to the tissues are deficient and the low haemoglobin levels can cause insufficient oxygenation and thereby metabolism suffers. Of course there are reasons like excessive menstrual bleeding in a young girl or frequent menses or conditions like fibroid etc. or nutritional deficiencies that can cause anaemia.

When metabolism is talked about, one cannot forget the thyroid gland that produces the two hormones that accelerates the function of the organs of the body . But in conditions like hypothyroidism, the insufficient hormones of thyroid gland can make a woman's body put on more weight without any obvious reason and worse, push her to fatigue at the slightest exertion.

The first on the list of infections linked to fatigue would the urinary tract infection that is very common among women; fatigue can also be related to gynaecological infections. What is bad about this infection is that it does not necessarily show up in any symptoms like burning urination or any other discomfort all the time but the bacteria keep brewing in the walls of the urinary bladder and the resultant infection with a mild raised temperature can lead also to fatigue.

With the relentless demand of office work makes a woman stressed, the coffee machine in the corner seems to offer solace but let's not forget the fact that caffeine may give the necessary adrenaline push for the hour but only seems to drain her by the time she has to leave for home. When a woman consumes foods that do not suit her digestion and result in belching, heartburn and flatulent distension or in erratic bowel movements; it can cause fatigue. Sleep is the elixir of life and gives enough impetus for the body and the mind to take on the peaks and troughs of day to day life. But if it is interrupted by frequent bouts of breathlessness, cough or conditions like sleep apnea and not to speak of the stress of work and home; it can all lead to extreme tiredness. If fatigue is associated with breathlessness and palpitation one needs to rule out cardiac conditions.

Once the cause is ascertained appropriate Homoeopathic medicines can be administered, like Ferrum Phos, Natrum Mur for anaemia, Fucus Ves, Calc Carb for thyroid issues, Cantharis and Apis when the urinary bladder gets affected, while Lac Can , Ars Alb can take the sting away from food intolerance. To keep fatigue away from the modern day woman, homoeopathic medicine is the safe bet.


The primary cause can be attributed to anaemia




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