The Testament of Gideon Mack: James Robertson, Rs. 365 A superb piece of Scottish Gothic.... hugely enjoyable, very funny.Moon Mountain: Bibuthibhushan Bandopadhyay, Rs. 245Classic Bengali tale about growing up and coming of age.Theft - A love story: Peter Carey, Rs. 295An entertaining novel about a painter.Above Average: Amitabha Bagchi, Rs. 195 This debut novel is a funny account of growing up intelligent, sensitive, ambitious, and confused.Black Swan Green: David Mitchell, Rs. 275 A novel that recreates the intensity, wonder and pain of adolescence in all its depth and complexity.


Institutions & Markets in Indian's Development - Essays for K.N. Raj: Ed. A. Vaidyanathan, Rs. 595 This volume discusses key themes and issues in India's development since independence.Pulse - The Next Frontier - How nature is inspiring the technology of the 21st century: Robert Frenay, Rs. 595A glimpse into how a new science, evolving from technology and perfected by nature, will transform the 21st century. People Who Changed The World: Rodney Castleden, Rs. 495Arranged in chronological order, this book gives biographical details of all the major people from the ancient World to the present day.Source: Modern Book Centre