Festival of sweets

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Mahendran Dilli
Mahendran Dilli

Dump the crackers, enjoy the sweets, says Mahendran Dilli

I have always loved them. I enjoy syrupy gulab jamun and ghee-softened mysurpak. And today is The Day for the Sweet-Toothed. I propose we begin and end it, and every meal, with a sweet. Sinful? I don't think so. Every auspicious occasion is punctuated with servings of something saccharine. From time immemorial, we have known their value. Why else would we round off every meal with a dessert? Surely we can trust tradition. I have read studies that claim chocolates are energy boosters. Don't crease your forehead. If they were bad for health you would see warnings printed on the covers. Instead, they come wrapped in tempting golden or silver foil. It is like they have neon lights all over them saying, "Eat Me". Would they be legally allowed if they were bad for us? Still experiencing the pangs and thinking of the clothes you will outgrow? Take a longer walk the next day. And there are those innumerable fitness centres. If diabetes is the worry, set aside your anxiety. There are sweets for diabetics these days. Experiment and enjoy yourself. And, of course, strike a balance - just remember, it's not the main course.Sugar is the spice of life. Blow up your money on sweets; dump the crackers. Sound Off! is a weekly space for you to rant, applaud or talk about anything on your mind. Write to telling us a little about yourself (with address and phone number), and you may get a chance to sound off!





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