Flash fashion on your wrist, keep time with style

Time is running out so why not catch up with it a little more fashionably? Marry fashion with time wear and let others take a second look at your wrist adorned with funky watches! Choosing a good watch calls for an investment of time and money. After all, you're not only spending money, but you would want a watch that's durable and trendy.If you are fashion conscious and take care to look your very best in every occasion, you can invest in select watches that will compliment you and your attire.With amazing watch brands in the market, you have a variety to choose from.When buying a watch all you have to do is to keep in mind that a watch has compliments your entire personality and your attire. A watch definitely has more of a utility purpose but it is one of the few accessories that blend best with fashion. Ensure that you and your watch don't look out of place.

Formal dressing

For formal wear, men can go for solid steel watches. Dusky men can go for a steel watch with a white dial. Both gold and silver watches with black or brown leather or metal straps suit men with lighter complexions. Silver or metallic round time wear with metal straps, look good on black business suits or formals on both fair and dusky men. Forsporty wear, men could go for a heavy bezel round steel watches.Gold watches are passé, especially on men with dusky skin tones, as steel, platinum and titanium watches are in and look classier. Women are lucky as they can get hold of watches with changeable straps that match their outfit. Women with dusky skin tones can go in for a black strap and dial with a gold rim and buckle. A wide brown or black leather strap with a rectangular or square watch suits fair complexion women. Women too can wear platinum or steel watches with beautiful and intricate designs that compliment salwar kameezs and saris. Gold watches for women are perennially fashionable. To be really stylish one can go in for a gold bracelet watch, or a bangle watch.There are watches for every occasion. A sports watch is sturdy, and has extra features like a timer, is water and sweat resistant, while a formal watch will be more elegant based on gold with white dial and black or brown leather strap. In casual wear watches can be just anything! From a watch set on a broad leather band, to one that's ultra sleek. From thin strap watches, to broad bands, flashy colours, bold or feminine designs and elegant watches, it's all there.

Buying a watch

While purchasing a watch, try it on to see how it looks on your hand. Usually the strap of the watch will be bigger, and the showroom will adjust the size to fit your wrist on purchase. Keep the extra strap carefully, especially if it's a metal strap. Such metal straps can be fitted again later, in case you put on weight. Overall for men, a stainless steel watch is the safest to buy as it is a neutral colour and blends well with almost any attire of any colour. While trying on a new watch at the showroom after it has been fitted, ensure it does not hurt your skin. There should be a breathing space between your skin and the watchstrap. Put your hand up and down to see how much your watch slips out of your hand. It is advisable to buy a watch from a renowned and certified dealer. Of course, there are plenty of watches available at throwaway prices but such watches do not last. Hence, paying a little more and buying a branded timepiece is always the best thing to do.TANYA MUNSHI