`Fame is humbling'

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CELEBRITY STATUS According to Tanveer and Sarah, you have to have your feet firmly on the ground
CELEBRITY STATUS According to Tanveer and Sarah, you have to have your feet firmly on the ground
Sarah Jane and Tanveer Gill are from Channel [V]. Their passion is to talk, talk and talk, and that, of course, made it easy for them to become VJs. Shilpa Sebastian R. had a tough time keeping pace with the two chatterboxes. Tanveer: How does it feel being a Channel [V] VJ?Sarah: Could you ask me a more stereotypical question?Tanveer: It's called breaking the ice.Sarah: That's like asking how does it feel to live on Planet Earth. Seriously, it feels great. Landed at Channel [V] three years ago when I was fresh out of college. Got into the channel's On The Run contest because of the cute Purab. The deal was that you get to travel with him and Anoushka across the country. Guess who won? (Snapping her fingers) Moi! How did you become a VJ? Tanveer: I was bored of selling credit cards. Once, at 3.30 a.m., while watching Channel [V] I saw this ad, which screamed: `Do you want the coolest job on the earth?' And I thought, "Great', and applied online. Here I am — a sales manager turns VJ. Sarah: Wow! So what has changed? Tanveer: You get good treatment. Sarah: You were never treated nicely before?Tanveer: Not like that. You worked hard and yet sometimes it was good and sometimes bad. I simply love it here.Sarah: The bad days will also come. (To us) He hasn't yet got flack from the boss you see. Tanveer: What's the biggest firing you've ever got?Sarah: I'm not going to say it here. Tanveer: The `firing' is for one's own good and also for the channel's welfare. It's all about your attitude towards life and can take it positively or negatively. Sarah: Has your sales talent been of any help now? Tanveer: Yeah! Earlier I sold credit cards now I sell myself. Sarah: You treat yourself as a product?Tanveer: Yes. You do need to know what you are. Sarah: We define the face of the channel. Hence we are selling the channel. I think what we love doing best has become our job. But it is a job that comes with its stresses its high point and low points. And you can be a VJ as long as you want. We have erratic timings and so social and personal life goes for a toss. Everyone is always complaining.Tanveer: Expectations are high and it's tough to live up to it, what with just 24 hours in a day. Sarah: We also have bad days when we just don't feel like talking to anyone but have to be chirpy while on the show! Tanveer: Recently in a show in the city, I shared the stage with Kailash Kher and Lucky Ali. These are the things that will motivate and invigorate me.Sarah: (Claps) Big word, nice one.Tanveer: Thanks. The other good thing about this job is that we meet new people and do new things like I got my face painted today.Sarah: I did it and it was fun.Tanveer: The best part is that there are so many people who work behind the scenes to make us look good. In fact, they work harder than us. Sarah: We have a great team. It's like a family and we seem to understand each other so well. Does the glamour go to your head?Tanveer: No, it makes you all the more humble when you see people waiting to meet you, click pictures with you or just shake hands with you. Then I feel like shaking hands with each one of them. You can also see the humility in stars from every industry. They are all so down to earth. And that is what makes you and takes you places. Sarah: It also depends on the person that you are. Tanveer: Monotony does not creep into this profession. I was bored with the numbers and the same sales reports in my last profession.Sarah: What do you do at home?Tanveer: Listen to music, download lots of stuff legally and P2P sharing. Sarah: What in the world does that mean?Tanveer: Peer to peer sharing. I also read a lot, as I have to keep myself abreast with the happenings in the music field.Sarah: Yes, we learn from one another too. Your perspective broadens with the kind of exposure.Tanveer: Films in the future?Sarah: I live for the moment. This is the first stage of my life. So I let it be and enjoy the moment. Simultaneously I'm working on my music, soul, where I've just finished my training. We are packaged so well. We get the right exposure. Is the actual person lost as you are `packaged'?Tanveer: No, they don't change your personality. They tell us `be who you are. Don't change'. Sarah: Being a VJ is not about being glamorous but being able to relate to people.Tanveer: Yeah! we have to talk and make sense and also sound intelligent.Sarah: And not talk like you are talking to a lamp post! The glamour comes in as people do not want to see untidy people on their TV screens. Maybe they don't mind people like Angelina Jolie just out of bed.Tanveer: Surely she goes to bed with all that make up on. Sarah: No!




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