A Size zero, commonly used to refer to people with very low body mass index, refers to a clothing size in U.S. brands.

A A woman with waist size 23 inches, hip size 32 inches and bust around 31 inches would qualify to be called size zero.

A Crash diets to achieve size zero can have repercussions on your health –– from heart attacks to renal failures.

A Uruguay model Luisel Ramos sparked off the debate on size zero. Soon after stepping down from the ramp after a fashion show in 2006, she was found dead following a heart attack. International fashion shows then stayed away from models with BMIs less than 18, an unhealthy number as per the guidelines of World Health Organisation.

A In India, though a number of models fit into the slender category, many have been successful without having to be reed thin. Sisters Tapur and Tupur, model-turned-actors Koena Mitra and Katrina Kaif fit the bill.