LOG IN for endorphins

Imagine waking up and checking your timeline or updating your status message on Facebook even before brushing your teeth! Over the top? It jolly well is. But I’ve heard of users, particularly students, who brazenly swear by this routine. What makes this networking site so addictive? It’s the people on it. From humour, anger and activism to rare information and motivational one-liners, you’ve got them all — on one platform. This week, I’ve picked 10 users whose posts are consistently a hit, judging by the comments and likes they elicit.

Sri Ragh: Read some of the wittiest court room exchanges of yesteryears on her timeline. Check out an ‘Offer of Love’ that a lawyer would probably draft. “Dear XYZ, Please be informed of my legitimate belief to have fallen in love with you from the forenoon of the 7th of November. With reference to our meeting on the 11th November at 15:00 hours, I hereby, in no uncertain terms, present myself as a prospective lover. Our love affair will be on probation for a period of 3 months, without any commitment on either side and will be made permanent depending on, but not limited to, compatibility…”

Ratna Mukherjee: Has an alternative career as a film reviewer! A sample: “I will say the ‘Best’ (and it pains me to associate that word with the movie) thing about Chennai Express is the last scene. The agony is over. Finally.”

Sara Mohan: Wears her love for animals on her timeline. Here’s a recent post: “Thanks to the Cattitude Trust, Rathri finds her way into Sara’s home. Sara travels, has life changes ahead and even allergies. But the kitten is part of her life.”

Prateep Philip: ‘Fillipisms’ or motivational lines flow every day. Here’s one. “Light and sound travel in a straight line. But life travels zig-zag. Be prepared for the ride.”

Davidson Devasirvatham: Apart from the regular dose of anecdotes and gems of wisdom, is self deprecating humour. Like when he publically compliments a tailor in Coimbatore for being a ‘paunch star’ and “hiding the belly fat of officers in uniform.”

Manoj Beno: Aside of doing a Stevie Wonder with that trademark “Haaapppyyy Birthdayyy too Youuuu” (and of course, the black T Shirt!) on the birthdays of celebrities, particularly film stars, he is well known for his wisecracks: “ Had facebook been there when I was in college, I’d still be in college.” Loreto Xavier: Politically accurate, never politically correct! Consider this: “I am cricket-wise ignoramus and so Sachin or ‘Sachout’ doesn’t matter to me. But weeping because he retired, I think is a state of imbalance. Sachin must contemplate giving back to the public the love he has received. Public service has no retirement. In fact, no death.” And don’t miss some of her special clicks by the wayside. Georgina Coelho: The one-woman Army in her apartment complex stopped deafening post-midnight demolition work by reaching out to Bengaluru cops on Facebook. Jeno M Crispin: With a timeline that resembles a full fledged police website, his updates are about not just postings and crime detection but also snippets such as an IPS probationer at the Police Academy whose father is a bus conductor in Himachal Pradesh. Vikram Kapur: As Chennai’s Corporation Commissioner, he operates from his personal Facebook account — promising and taking action on complaints, accepting feedback gracefully and pinging updates on action taken through a chat window. If you’ve befriended him, he may even wish you on your birthday! Just see how you can spread joy around, help others or at least make people think through the social media. Those who use it to abuse others need to see a shrink.