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Old habits Die hard
Old habits Die hard

Sending greeting cards the good old way

One would like to believethat in this age of theInternet, Christmasand New Year cardswould have become obsolete.Happily enough, thecard tradition continues tothrive.

Cards from UNICEF andCRY always found favoursamong people, as they alsohelped a social cause. Now,the likes of Indian Mouthand Foot Painting Artiststoo have joined. They have apopular selection of cardsfor the New Year, along withcalendars. "Being an artistmyself, I prefer sendingcards from the Indian Footand Mouth Painting Artists,as I know the money goes tosupport a physically-challengedartist," says ShobhaNagendran.

Sending cards is moreprevalent among the oldergeneration. Youngsters buycards along with gifts. Despitethe postage cost, even alarge number of multinationalsprefer handwritingand posting their New Yearcards.

Something personal

Archie's merchandise ispopular among all agegroups as they cater to a varietyof tastes and desires. "Ialways buy my New Yearcards from Archie's," saysSana Mashood. "They have ahuge variety, and I especiallysend cards to my brother,studying in Melbourne."

Mona Printer sits with apile of cards, addressingthem to relatives dottedacross the globe. Why doesshe spend so much moneyon hand posting a card? "Ienjoy writing cards andsending something personalto my loved ones," she says."I look for traditional Indianmotifs, especially cards soldat the charity bazaars heldover the season."

"I post my cards in Novemberto beat the Christmasand New Year postalrush," says Loretta Furtado."This year I was lucky to geta relative visit earlier in theyear, so I wrote out my cardsand gave them to her to postin Australia, to all my childrenand relatives there,"she says.

"I too buy my Christmascards at a charity bazaar,"says Maureen Noronha. "Itis for a good cause, and thecards are usually recycled.My relatives are in the U.K.,Pakistan and Canada, so Ipost them off early."

Buying Christmas andNew Year cards is a traditionthat happily has not goneout of style. And, as my postmansays: "I hope peopledon't ever stop sendingcards, it keeps our jobsalive."





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