Food Get a taste of authentic Chinese food at the Golden Dragon, Taj Krishna

It is the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese calendar, a year that is considered to be the most auspicious and the luckiest in the Chinese almanac. It can then only be a happy coincidence that the Chinese fine dining restaurant Golden Dragon at Taj Krishna has not only introduced a new menu but has also added some special services to mark the completion of a decade. The glowing Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling, the fresh white linens complimenting the polished cutlery and personalised chopsticks, all add a new look to the Golden Dragon. Apart from a healthier menu which includes more of steamed dishes than deep fried ones, the restaurant also promises a live noodle counter.

The menu, crafted by Chef Hung Fong Ng, is true to its Chinese origins with ingredients like Guilin chilli, sesame oil and seeds, Gingko nuts, Edamame which are commonly used to Asian cooking. Sauces made from scratch instead of canned ones with varying degrees of spiciness are part of the menu to suit the Hyderabadi palette. Favourites like ‘Butter Garlic Chilli Chicken' have been retained in the menu, and pork tenderloin, ribs and scallops are also part of the non-vegetarian fare. Vegetarians have no reason to feel left out. Pickled tofu and varieties of mushrooms like snow and shiitake mushrooms and lotus stems will be a delight. An eclectic variety of dimsums and open dumplings are worth trying. Pearl dimsums, which is steamed chicken enveloped in a translucent cover rolled in rice, is not just visually appealing but worth experimenting with.

Chilli Mountain Chicken with Gingko Nuts' and ‘Pan Fried Fish with Hot Schezwan dip' are the fried starters and the health-conscious foodies can opt for the ‘Steamed Crispy Vegetables Rice Paper Rolls' accompanied with a pungent soya sauce.

For the main course, a no fuss ‘Celery Corn Fried Rice' and ‘Hakka noodles' are simple fare. The food is cooked light and you don't have to feel guilty about every morsel that is going into your mouth. ‘Kung pao diced chicken' is a good accompaniment with ‘Roasted Chilly and Cashew Nuts ' which enhances the flavours of the dish. Broccoli, mushrooms water chestnuts and sweet corn made in black pepper sauce will definitely tickle your taste buds even if you are a hard core meat lover.

However, the menu should come with a disclaimer that ‘don't stuff yourself with starters and main course because the dessert is a must have.' The chefs have tweaked popular desserts like ‘Panna Cotta' and ‘Poached Pear' to infuse oriental flavours. It will be a crime to miss the ‘Crème Brulee' with crushed sesame seeds and a hint of coconut served on a bed of sponge cake with strawberry sauce. Occasional sips of the light jasmine tea serves as a refreshing drink along with food.