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Makeover Meter Babita Narayanan
Makeover Meter Babita Narayanan

A high vocabulary helps one to speak a language with ease. Effective verbal communication often poses a challenge, especially if the communication is in a foreign or alien language. So one of the essential things to do is to minimise errors, which occur during translation, and build up your skills in a secondary language, such as English, for instance.

Grammatical errors

Grammar, though more or less is the same in any language, has some fundamental differences. And one can make colossal mistakes while translating literally. During writing, these errors are glaring and there for anyone to see and note. Solution

Unfortunately there aren't too many solutions but master grammar in English. We have done loads of it in school and for some reason at that point of time we did not understand or realise the necessity and the importance to learn so much of grammar. So you need to figure out which part of grammar needs correction . Wren and Martin is the obvious choice for grammar and for the net savvy, there are plenty of lessons and guides on the internet, majority of them are for free. The most common and obvious mistakes are committed in our tenses (confusing past, present, and future). All it needs is understand the tenses, do as many activities and lessons on a daily basis and most importantly, use it while talking. And one step forward is – if you are conversing with someone more proficient than you in English, ask them to keep correcting you.

Wrong sentence structuring

We translate word by word in the same sentence structure as our primary language and most often, they just don't fit. The finished sentence will be far from what you meant to say in the first place.


Take any sentence in Malayalam and translate into English. Get it checked. Take a topic like ‘My favourite hobby' and start writing thinking only in English. After a few activities it will come naturally to you. The easiest solution would be to ‘think' in English, but that is not really possible during verbal communication. So work regularly on your sentence structuring while talking as well.

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