A recent State government directive that changed cinema timings has also allowed eateries to operate till midnight. It’s a move that has been welcomed by many quarters. While it may not be a good enough balm for those unhappy over pub timings in the city, many are optimistic that at least they can eat out late now. MetroPlus asked city residents about these relaxed deadlines.

Most felt that the timings have not been altered dramatically. Many hoped that this will eventually result in the government relaxing deadlines for eateries and restaurants further into the night, which will help people who work well past midnight too. They felt that a young city like Bangalore needed to have a decent nightlife.

Most felt that the government must impose some checks on bars and pubs after a specified time period, but no such restrictions must be imposed on restaurants, eateries and shopping malls.

We sample some responses.


It is a welcome move. It will help people working at night to grab a bite, before heading home. I hope the government relaxes the closing-time deadline further. The police need to focus on law and order rather than keep tabs on timing.




It is a positive development though I do not feel it will change the existing situation dramatically. The government must allow all places not serving liquor to stay open till 1 a.m. so that the citizens working at night do not face problems.


Sales Manager


It was a much needed change.

It is important that citizens are allowed to relax and enjoy, after a hard day’s work.

The law and order situation in Bangalore is better than in most Indian cities.




It is a positive move, but does not offer much respite. The authorities must relax deadlines on eating places further, by a couple of hours past midnight, to ensure that a large chunk of the populace working at night does not face any problems.


Sales manager