German band ‘the notwist' introduces the city to its brand of electronic-indie music

S tarted in 1989 as a hardcore punk band from Bavaria, Germany, 20 years later the notwist are gracing our shores. Having morphed from grunge-metal to indie-rock, in their latest incarnation as an electronic-indie band, the notwist are as curious about the Chennai audience as we are about them. “We really don't know much about Chennai…we don't have any idea how the audience is going to be, but we're quite curious to see how our music's received,” says Martin Gretschmann, the band's programmer and keyboard player.

The band's first tour in India, sponsored by the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, has all the band members very excited. “Someone told us it's quite warm right now in Chennai, which is great for us as it's really cold in Europe,” says Gretschmann, also known as Console. “We've heard about the amazing food as well,” he adds.

As the band prepares themselves to play at the Museum Theatre today, the Chennai audience can expect, according to Gretschmann, “a very energetic performance from the six band members on stage: a drummer, bass player, guitarist, singer, electronics programmer and a little computer. There's also a 7 {+t} {+h} member behind the mixing desk.”

Performing songs from their last 3 records, mainly Neon Golden (2002) and their latest album The devil, you + me (2008), the band is bound to impress the audience with their famed ‘scruffy pop electronic sound.' With a solid fan base of both electronic pundits and indie rock enthusiasts from across Europe and America, the notwist are one of the most prolific and internationally renowned acts from Germany. The notwist also produce film music. Their most recent project was making the music for Storm the new film by Hans Christian Schmid, which will be shown during the Chennai International Film Festival.

The notwist arrange their songs around catchy tunes backed by mesmerising hypnotic, often electric, rhythms. They mix instruments in their music that might not seem to fit together but as a whole, it works out beautifully. Critics wrote that The devil, you + me has propelled the notwist into the same stratosphere as Radiohead. I don't agree. The notwist have created their own stratosphere.


the notwist

17 December, 7 p.m.

Museum Theatre,


Supporting the notwist is the

Chennai funk band Public Issue.

Admission is free.