www.worldoo.com offers excitement and education in a single platform for children

Focus, an advertising and digital media company, has launched ‘worldoo’ (www.worldoo.com), the first of its kind ‘ever-evolving online ecosystem’ for children in the six-12 age group.

The website offers children a unique interactive experience where they can express and play.

They can look up topics of their interest and learn more and earn virtual currency (Stars) by doing so. They can then express their creativity and ownership by designing their home and spend their earnings in a virtual store.

worldoo offers activities, interaction and content, all in one place.

So you will have games from miniclip, the gamebox and Zapak; Cartoon Network, all about animal and plant conservation and environment life from National Geographic and Jeff Corwin Connect, as well as movies from Warner Bros., Shemaroo, Sony Pictures, Reliance Big Flix.

And lots and lots of books and comic from Crosswords, Landmark, Dreamland, Britannica Books, Robinage and Champak.

It’s excitement and education in a single platform.