Climate watch on BBC discusses the crucial issue of global warming

As part of its coverage of the issue of global warming and climate change, BBC World is showcasing a series on "Climate Watch" throughout April As part of news and business programming, BBC's environment and science correspondent David Shukman reports from the meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in Brussels. John Sudworth reports from a drought-affected area in the north of Bangladesh; Duncan Kennedy reports from the Mexican desert; Fergal Keane meets an Inuit family; Damian Grammaticas looks at the Himalayan glaciers; and Richard Black reports on methods to offset carbon emissions. Moreover, the World Business Report's "Green Business" looks behind the scenes at what companies are trying to do to go green. Asia Business Report presenter Rico Hizon in Hong Kong looks at how pollution is causing international businesses to look at relocating. A report from the United States examines trends to "build green" and produce energy efficient houses and offices. From India, Karishma Vaswani looks at the attitude of Indian businesses to green issues and Nick Mackie reports on the problems of drought in China.The interview-based programme "Hardtalk" does a week of climate-themed interviews with the CEO of Duke Electricity; the Governor of Arizona; a Vice President of JP Morgan Chase Bank and the CEO of Climate Group. On "The World Debate", presenter Nik Gowing talks to five senior business leaders, to explore their roles and responsibilities the need for business to be a primary force in environment conservation. Documentary and factual programming on the channel include Sir David Attenborough's landmark programmes "Are We Changing Planet Earth?" and "Can We Save Planet Earth?"; a look at environmental tragedies, and what preparations can be done in "Five Disasters Waiting to Happen" and an examination of rising sea levels and the risk this creates in "Rising Tide". There are a lot many documentaries and interviews lined up in the series. For details, log onto