An experience for all the senses, complete with the opera

Yes, it's just the beginning of a journey towards Italian food at the happening Olive Bar & Kitchen. Adding dynamism to the two-week Italian Workshop, a live opera is here to appeal to not just your taste buds but your heart too. So enjoy the Italian menu while Chef Max gives tips to win the hearts of your loved ones with Italian delicacies. But this food festival has an added advantage of live pasta salad counters along with the finest of Italian wines.The opening night of the workshop was complete with Italian décor, golden oldies from Italian films and a live Italian opera. Chef Massimilliano, fondly called Chef Max, looked happy with the outcome of his effort. "I have loved India for its love for food. And things have changed here. Today you get everything for your recipe. Fresh cheese, meat, herbs and organic vegetables." The workshop serves the purpose of giving people the right recipe and the right method of preparing the Italian food, which is "very easy", Chef Max insists. The workshop will advance with different themes everyday, from Lobster nights, wine, brunch to La Dolce Vita (The sweet life). Chef Max, a biryani-lover, finds India a reservoir of fresh and organic ingredients needed for his exclusive mama's recipes. "Everything has to be fresh and organic which I easily get here. It makes the food healthy and tasty. Here, in the workshop we have the pasta counters, salad counters which will use only fresh ingredients." The workshop is planned differently for each day. Apart from a different menu, various overtures, acts and scenes will also be held. And you will return home with the best of Italy, saying `che buona cena!'