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STAR TRACK U.S.-based Sarina Jain talks about her fitness regime Masala Bhangra

At work!Sarina Jain
At work!Sarina Jain

Masala Bhangra. The folk dance of Punjab is so peppy and action packed anyway, so what is this masala bit doing in it? The ideator of the concept, U.S.-based Sarina Jain, says it is a physical exercise regime where she has combined the traditional dance form with new funky moves to appeal to customers. After 13 years of coming up with the concept, Masala Bhangra, she says, “is today in the list of top five workouts in the U.S.”

“We have more than 500 ambassadors of the concept across the globe,” she adds.

Sarina calls herself a cross-cultural trainer. “I respect my Indian cultural heritage a lot. Therefore, I am bringing this unique workout session to India also,” says Sarina, now on a visit to Delhi.

Talking about her fitness regime, Sarina claims she manages to keep her calories in check despite eating her favourite food by practicing Masala Bhangra. “It is a unique workout with a bit of Bollywood in it,” she says.

“I believe it is completely in your hands to stay fit and healthy along with maintaining a good figure. I myself practice Masala Bhangra. As many as 700 calories are burnt when you practice this workout session as it is a continuous cardio workout for 45 minutes.”

She believes it is very important to have self confidence and determination if you are on a spree to lose weight and by practicing Masala Bhangra, “your confidence level boosts up.”

“It is very important that the workout sessions should be interesting. Otherwise, it will turn out to be a monotonous routine.” Sarina does not restrict her diet, “I eat everything but I make sure that I balance those calories by practicing exercise the very next day.

I love paranthas and French fries and I never avoid eating them because I believe in khao, piyo, aish karo .” Before signing off she says, “If you are healthy, you can feel the bliss of your life.” How true!





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