Health Eating right in summer is a dilemma. Here is the right way to do it

Haven’t we all been reaching out for a bottle of anything that’s water-based to keep the heat at bay? While this is so, eating is also as important as keeping ourselves hydrated throughout the day to allow the body and the mind to carry on with our daily chores.

Eating right is as important as the act of eating to survive. While we can put a check on what is cooking at home and being served as meals, the same cannot be done when a menu is placed in front of us at a restaurant. We go overboard when the choice is wide, and the outcome isn’t always a good one.

Walking after a heavy meal may be possible in the evening, but what do we do if we indulge in a big lunch? “Skip the next meal or give a gap of at least 5 to 6 hours before the next bite,” advices a dietician. Most of us would agree with this method but there are others who’d like to play safe and eat, yet not let the summer heat play a spoil sport.

“I have some very simple rules of eating. A meal is usually accompanied by non-alcoholic drinks on a Sunday. And if I am drinking a beer, then my food will be absolutely light. Beer tends to be heavy in the belly whereas if it a Mojito or a Bloody Mary then I would prefer breads and maybe a light stew. I usually prefer Continental, complete with bakes, otherwise I can go Indian with a light dal with tandoori rotis,” says food lover and writer Vijay Marur.

Wrong food will not only ruin your day, but can give a prolonged problem if not addressed properly. That is because during summer the Body Metabolic Rate (BMR ) falls, so our eating right and light will go a long way in keeping us healthy. Nutrionist Esther Sathiaraj says, “Body metabolic rate is high during the winter so we feel the need to replenish ourselves quite often.

During summer, on the other hand, it is more important to keep ourselves hydrated to help us brave the heat. One shouldn’t wait to feel thirsty. Grab the bottle at any time and start guzzling; this will act as armour against the heat. To let the food settle well and help in the digestion process, begin your meal with nimbu pani or jal jeera . For the main course, stick to salads and fruits. Anything fresh and cooling. Opt for breads with accompaniments which are light, like a light gravy or a stew.”

The other suggestions that doctors make is to look for curd while eating and drink butter milk at other times. When it comes to eating meats, red meat can take a back seat and fish and white meat can find a place of prominence on the dining table.


Drink nimbu pani or jal jeera

Order rotis or plain rice instead of greasy varieties

Include fruits and vegetables

Keep yourself hydrated

Opt for white meats and fish instead of red meat