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chat Milind Soman, who has always been known for a toned body, surprisingly doesn’t swear by a gym

Fitness is freedomFor Milind Soman
Fitness is freedomFor Milind Soman

“Ihave been fit since the age of 10,” announces Milind Soman proudly at the press conference of Pinkathon, which is a running event for women. Milind Soman, who is also known for his passion for running, flaunts a lean and athletic body at the age of 48. So what does it take to be fit and toned at this age? Many of us think that it must be excessive work out and a strict diet but contrary to it, Milind claims that he never goes to agym or follows any strict diet.

“Despite having an erratic schedule which all of us have, I strive to take time out for exercising and running because it’s important,” he says. He finds time for himself, no matter how hectic his schedule is. The former runway model says running has helped him acquire a fabulous body. “Running not only keeps me fit but also removes stress. It rejuvenates me,” he says.

Drinking a lot of water is something he recommends for glowing skin and a fit body. He feels that it’s necessary to keep our body hydrated at all times. He also emphasises that one must choose an exercise regimen which is simple to follow and it is not necessary to exercise for hours. Even a 15-minute routine can help one stay fit.

He doesn’t believe in isolation training which involves working out with machines. He asserts that any natural action that engages the whole body leads to fitness. “I don’t take any supplements or steroids; I either exercise at home or go out running.”

He also underlines the significance of a balanced diet. He suggests refraining from junk food. “Many people think Indian food is junk food but it is the most nutritious and balanced diet one can have,” he adds.

To him, fitness means freedom and not restriction. Asked about his fitness mantra, he sums it up in three words, “Be Active Always. The more you sit, the more you’ll be sick.”


Many people think Indian food is junk food, but it is the most nutritious and balanced diet one can have




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