Does love really exist?

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BOOKMARK In “Autumn In My Heart”, author Saptarshi Basu tries to find the answers for problems of today's youth in the context of their busy lifestyle

“During my college days when I was studying Engineering, many painful events, caused due to lost love, disturbed me thoroughly. Even today, when I flip through newpapers or surf the Internet, gruesome suicides and murders on the event of broken love really baffles me. So, I urgently felt that I should pen down my feelings,” says Saptarshi Basu, whose second novel “Autumn In My Heart” has just been released. Basu, who made his debut with “The God's Algorithm”, is a Mechanical Engineer (gold medallist) and is currently working with a top MNC in Kolkota.

“The name of the novel was chosen through a contest where readers were given the synopsis and asked to give the most suitable name. ‘Autumn In My Heart' was given by Hitesh Ratnani from Mumbai and I felt it was an apt name for my novel,” he adds. In ‘Autumn In My Heart', the author explores problems and lifestyle of today's generation like the pace and quality of life in big cities, relationship hopping and insights into gay lifestyle.

Life's complexities

“The characters of Deb, Ayantika, Saurav, Tina, Vinod and Sagarika portray changes in relationships and unique ways of overcoming the complexities of life, fighting career pressure, evading marriage blues and complying with family demands among countless other maladies. The common thread that binds the characters is their ‘confusion' and the ‘seasonal' trajectory of transformations in their heart, from the winter of emotions to the warmth of summers, autumn being the intermediary season.

“The reader is bound to commence the journey with detachment trying to get a peep into the lives of a bunch of youngsters and their struggle to understand the true meaning of love, but gradually, will begin to find resemblance of their own 'love' chapters (if any) in at least one of the characters' stories; an echo in one's own heart,” says the author.

The book is a work of fiction and portrays the emotional conflicts through the journey of life. The story essentially revolves around the lives of Ayantika and Deb. “The book delves into day-to-day life and depicts the different hues, the happiness, the sorrows, the problems and also the possible solutions”, says Basu. Ayantika aspires to be a bank officer and an independent woman while her mother wishes for her to get married and settle down. She meets Deb, the protagonist of the novel, through social networking site.

Adds Basu, “I have tried to find answers to questions, like does love really end when you have a break-up? Does love always mean you have to be with the opposite sex? Can online friendships of today's generation lead to a lifelong relationship?”


The common thread that binds the characters is their ‘confusion' and

the ‘seasonal' trajectory

of transformations

in their heart

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