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SPORTS MEDICINE With sportspersons being prone to injuries, doctors with expertise are busy. Here’s what Dr. Alejandro Badia says

Sports and injuries go hand in hand. From motor racing to golf, from tennis to football, athletics to archery, you name the sport, there is always a risk of an injury, especially if it happens to be a contact sport. And one of the most difficult and delicate process of treatment, involves the wrist injuries, which needs high expertise. Among the world’s top sports surgeons is Dr. Alejandro Badia, a Florida-based surgeon, who has a high specialty wrist, hand, upper limb and shoulder injury centre.

He is also the president of the ISSPORTH (International Society for Sport traumatology of the hand), an international body comprising specialists from different countries across the world (including the US, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Estonia and United Kingdom). He was in Bangalore recently and later conducted a seminar of ISSPORTH in Delhi.

In a media interaction with Metro Plus, he spoke on his work.

Which hand injury is more prevalent among sportspersons and hard to diagnose?

There are multiple injuries but mainly to finger joints and wrists. It can include a cartilage (TFCC) tear like the meniscus in knee, and ligament injuries connecting carpal bones in wrists that are hard to diagnose.

How do you diagnose and treat?

It depends on the area. For example, shoulder injuries needs MRI imaging. In wrist injuries, we do an arthroscopy where a small camera is put in joints of wrist to diagnose and treat.

I understand the Indian tennis star Sania Mirza was treated by you? What exactly was her problem? Has she been having recurrent injuries?

I did a wrist arthroscopy nearly five years ago when she was having severe problems with dominant wrist and pain with her brutal forehand. She had injury to the capsule. We repaired via scope and she won in first round of Wimbledon only eight weeks later

Who are the other major sports personalities you have treated for hand injuries?

It includes tennis players, Juan del Potro, KeplerOrellana (Venezuela), JelenaDokic, Hugo Armando (US and Argentina), many golfers, some cricketers from Trinidad, Barbados and polo players. Dr. Badia can be contacted at





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