Some interesting sites for digital art lovers

If you love to dabble and churn out creative stuff with works of art and photographs on your computer, then you belong to the world of digital artists. It's a niche community in the technology world. Check these sites to know more about the medium.

Digital Art Art is an online gallery of digital art and has close to 20,000 works of digital art on display. It is an online platform where artists of various standings, ranging from budding artists to accomplished masters, come together and display their work. It allows members to interact with one another and improve upon their art. The basic membership being free, one can also opt for a premium membership by paying $ 3.45 per month that gives them additional benefits.

Blue 'S'Fear is an art and web development community that features art galleries and tutorials submitted by artists. The art galleries are bifurcated into two sections - Battle Art and Art Packs. The former involves an artists' competition while the latter is a general art gallery displaying art under various genres. This site could be very useful for budding artists.

Digital Art Museum Art Museum is a very scientifically executed digital art website. It delves into the history of digital art from the nascent stage of technology independence of the 50's to the technologically driven era of today. It also has a collection of essays penned by masters in the field of digital art archived chronologically.

Photoshop Cafe

http://www.photoshopcafe.comPhotoshop is the name that comes to one's mind immediately when digital art is mentioned. This site is what its name claims to be. It's a cafe where artists and budding artists meet informally online and discuss work. Artists can post their works on this site for free and these works are reviewed and discussed.

Digital Artist Computer Graphics Society is a global organisation for creative digital artists. It provides information on various topics dealing with digital art, computer graphics, animation and digital visual effects. Its online discussion forum - CGTalk is, arguably, one of the largest online discussion forums for digital artists. L.S. ROHIT