India’s seam bowler Zaheer Khan came in for high praise from Michael Vaughan recently. England’s Test captain Vaughan was of the opinion that Zaheer came up with a lot of new ideas to peg the English batsman onto the defensive. He felt that Zaheer’s tactics were something that everyone could take a lesson from.

According to Rahul Dravid the victory over England in the recent Test series was one of the finest achievements of his career. He said that India was known to perform below expectations whenever the team played abroad. So it was extremely satisfying that a series victory had been achieved against England on their home soil where they have been traditionally very strong.

Pakistan’s promising young cricketer Imran Farhat expressed his disappointment when he stated recently that it was not only the pay cheque that interested him. He felt that he was being denied adequate exposure on this front and this was his main reason for considering the offer from the breakaway ICL organisation.

Former India coach Greg Chappell says that he will be happy to give advice to the newly appointed Pakistan coach Geoff Lawson if the latter needs it. Chappell’s knowledge about condition and players of the sub continent could help his fellow Aussie do a good job in Pakistan it was felt. But Chappell also disclosed that whatever he may say to Lawson, he will do it in private and not disclose it to the media or the public.

Tiger Woods says that the main asset that experience can give a player is the feeling of confidence and of having been there and won before. He says that wining is an art and a lot of it comes from getting the right “feel.” He says he can get his game right just by instinct and feeling.