Fashion shows its `edgy' face as designer Rehane reinvents herself with a new line for Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week. T. Krithika Reddy reports

An ink blue gown made with 60 meters of organza and embellished with velvet ribbons, woollen chords and massive crystal units. Seems like a costume. But that's the outcome of city-based designer Rehane's latest stylistic whim.Breaking away from her signature candyfloss colours, the designer takes a detour to reinvent herself in a new line for the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week (from March 21). "Yes, the candyfloss romance is over. I was fed up of lollipop red and bubblegum pink. The pretty woman doesn't interest me any more. The image is saturated. It's time for glamour to get more edgy. I was visualising Marilyn Monroe in an art film," smiles the designer, who is participating in the Fashion Week for the fourth time.The edgy-ness shows not just in the black-blue-burgundy line conjured up in satin, brocade, net, georgette and lame, but also in the specially commissioned photographs for the Fashion Week. While one shows a model falling off the chair, the other shows her rolling down the staircase with blood-smeared walls as the backdrop.


"For me, the collection is an outcome of personal travails and challenges. I've never questioned what has happened to me because I believe personal growth comes through challenges. I channelled whatever I was going through to come up with a collection like this. Ultimately, fashion is art, and art gets autobiographical at times," says the designer, gazing contemplatively at her collection. "There's a more serious, deeper side to me. So this collection was a natural progression."The collection of skirts, neo-churi kurtas, cropped tops that hit at the waist and absolutely skinny trousers reflect a dark, introspective mood a significant departure from the shimmer and colour of her previous lines. If you've noticed some Gothic touches, you can't miss the Middle-East sensibility too. Talk about wearability, and she replies with seriousness, "Practicality is the last thing I had on my mind when I conceived this line. It's about reaching a new creative destination. So the focus was primarily on art not wearability. You need to drink a glass of Milo before wearing some of them," she jokes and hastens to add, "But hey, hang on, after the Week, you'll see a watered-down, mainstream version of this line."Costumes to clothes... it will be interesting to see the transformation.