LAUNCH The calendar ‘Harmony 2012' brings together social responsibility, heritage and fashion

G orgeous men sporting traditional garbs in exotic locations — Sahodaran's ‘Harmony 2012' calendar is easy on the eye and socially responsible. Launched recently at Amethyst, the proceeds from the calendar will go towards heightening awareness of AIDS and controlling the spread of HIV.

Different themes

The third edition of the calendar focusses on yoga. “We had a Kerala theme last year, and that was easy to do since I'm from there,” says Sunil Menon, co-founder of Sahodaran.

“We stayed at my place, with my parents' hospitality, and did the shoots with my friends' help. We wrapped it up in five days. This time, it was a bit more challenging.”

Priced at Rs. 1,000, about 700 copies of the calendar are up for sale this year. “We had a tailoring unit that was producing some really good designerwear. I wanted funds to market it, and decided to sell calendars to raise funds. The first year, I made just 25 copies, and took it to the U.S. People bought it off me, and that's how the concept started. They started asking me what was in store the next year, and I decided to make it an annual thing, even though the tailoring unit fell through later.”

Working as a stylist on the sets, Sunil has blended yoga with heritage attire. “We decided to use heritage fabric and jewellery this year, and the fashion elements just fell in place. Four designers helped me with the clothes, while over 12 models worked on the calendar,” explains Sunil.

With over 200 copies already off the shelves, Sunil is breathing easy. “Many friends have helped me through this project. Sahodaran is a

State-government funded programme, and my team has been working without being paid for three months,” he says.

‘Harmony 2012' is available at Amethyst and Chamiers. For details, call Sunil at 94449-66000.


We decided to use heritage fabric and jewellery this year, and the fashion elements just fell in place