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Bedazzled Crystal ‘mandap’ glows with an alluring look
Bedazzled Crystal ‘mandap’ glows with an alluring look

How about getting married under a dazzling crystal ‘mandap’?

It’s a life-long bandhan. Your beau may be god-sent but you have to search him/her right here – on Earth. And, when you are lucky enough to find that perfect partner, how about a perfect wedding to make the special occasion a memorable one? Adding style to these big Indian weddings are crystal mandaps created by Diamond Crystal Private Limited, an Indore-based company.

White sparkles

Remember Father of the Bride, where Steve Martin is overcharged by the rooky wedding planner, who demands loads of money? You might have laughed then but parents are certainly not laughing now. These crystal mandaps or canopies are exclusive to the swish set, promises to give you an awe-inspiring experience but can leave a deep hole in your wallet. In other words, the white sparkles are for the rich and famous and definitely not for an ordinary mortal like me!

How does a crystal mandap look like?

“Small crystal briquettes are moulded in different shapes in the form of pillars and roof. The decorative pieces are framed together and will be installed like a single set-up,” says T. Balakrishna, zonal sales manager of the company. The designer creation has a radius of 20 ft and is as tall as 18 ft. When you order, the company sends people from Indore to install the canopy, which is done in seven hours. And, once the celebrations are over, the whole thing will be dismantled in five hours. Flowers and colourful fabrics are adorned on the canopy for that alluring look, which costs Rs. 5 lakh per day (The electricity charges will be separate).

An event manager, Deenaz still remembers the wedding held in the city wherein a crystal mandap topped the client’s specifications. “The whole vicinity just dazzled with brightness and even in night, one felt like a day,” she says and adds, “Crystal has many plus points like exuding positive energy. When one gets married under such a dome, the crystal power will have a significant effect.”

Balakrishna says these crystal mandaps are quite common in Indore but have to pick up here in the city. Besides weddings, these canopies are also used for big shindigs and events held by swamijis. If there is a wedding in the family and you want it to be one-of-its kind, flaunt crystal designs. The company also creates exciting crystal pieces best suited to add oomph to your drawing room or give as a gift to your loved ones during Diwali. The range includes from small figurines of gods and goddesses (ideal for corporate gifting), bowls, flower vases, dressing table accessories, glasses including those flashy beer mugs and trophies and mementoes.

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