The Chick'n'Express chain of outlets is a new way of relishing an exclusive chicken menu

I f the chicken recipes offered are succulent, any place will do for the foodies, of course not overlooking the hygiene factor.

The newly opened Chick ‘n' Xpress at Anna Nagar is one such joint.

It is rather tempting to watch the dark brown meat being rolled over in the grill oven. The crunchy chicken pieces fresh from the frying pan are even more inviting. From chicken drumstick to chicken umbrella and from lollypop to boneless chicken fry, name a dish and it is available here.

“It is not that the concept of an exclusive chicken outlet sprung all of a sudden. This joint is an outcome of years of pondering to provide hygienic and exclusive chicken menu. You have to be extremely careful while handling with the meat. Any food, for that matter, is concerned with health. Not many wish to visit small non-vegetarian eateries given the unhygienic surroundings on most occasions. I wanted to break this and the result is here for everybody to see,” declares P. Padmanabhan, partner, Chick ‘n' Xpress.

Star attraction

Though the eatery does not have the space to accommodate more people it does attract crowd during the evenings. And the chicken shawarma is one item that surely brings in more people.

The chicken is roasted slowly on all sides as the spit rotates over a flame for hours. After cooking, the meat is shaved off the stack with a large knife and dropped on to a circular tray below to be retrieved.

The sandwich wrap with strips of roasted chicken on the pizza base with mayonnaise spread and rolled up with onion and other vegetables including tomato and parsley is another treat for the tastebuds.

“Overwhelming support propelled us to open a restaurant to facilitate people to have the delectable chicken delicacies in a classy ambience. In a week's time our Narayanapuram branch will have a compact eating space,” assures Mr. Padmanabhan.

Home made

For those who like only home-made chicken, there is also the option of picking up fresh chicken or ready to cook marinated chicken.

“Our intension is to give a one stop solution for all the chicken needs of the customers from morning to evening. Generally, the live broiler shops close down after 2 p.m. But at our branches fresh chicken is available even during evening hours,” he says.

“The nutrient value of the rich chicken meal has forced me to become a regular to the outlet. I always prefer the grilled chicken more than those fried in oil. For, the grilled chicken is rich in protein and less in fat,” says U. Vivek, a fitness trainer, Get Fit centre.

“We also plan to start the barbeque and tandoor sections and offer chicken and egg biryani at all our branches. For the convenience of the public, we are also planning for door delivery and entertain orders online,” says Mr.Padmanaban.

At present there are four branches functioning at City Centre (Golcha Complex, Anna Nagar), K. Pudur, Narayanapuram and Jaihindpuram (which operates only during the evening).

With the new range of ready to heat and eat home chicken meal, the Chick ‘n' Xpress has carved an instant niche itself in the city's crowded food mart.

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