Spotlight Trivandrum International School’s desktop calendar for the year features art works by the school’s students

‘Creativity – There is magic in it. There is mastery in it. There is madness in it…’ says the covering page of Trivandrum International School’s (TRINS) annual desktop calendar. Flip through the pages and the meaning of the words becomes clear. On all 12 pages of the calendar are pictures of art works by students, each of which is a display of their talent and creativity.

“Usually our desktop calendars have photos of the school and students going about their various activities on the one side and on the other there is information on a set theme such as great inventors, personalities, sportspersons, and so on, to inspire the children. This time we wanted something different and hence we thought of showcasing the artistic talent of the children on one side and a glimpse into the work of 12 master Renaissance artists such as Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and Francisco Goya, on the reverse side,” says Sreeja Rajan, head of TRINS’ senior school and co-ordinator of the calendar.

“We offer art as part of the curriculum for Cambridge A-levels and we have a strong art department (headed by art teacher John Kenet and assisted by Shibuchand). The standard of talent is very high,” she adds.

There were around 30 entries for the calendar. “It was very difficult to whittle it down to 12. Also we wanted to encompass a variety of art projects that students work on – paintings (in different forms), clay modelling, sculpture…” says Sreeja.

All the art works are titled and most of them are accompanied by photos of the artists. January features ‘Through the windows of dreams’, a painting by class 12 student Sanju Jacob. His classmate Vishnu Unnikrishnan’s ‘Crescendo’ features in February. Class nine student Mohamed Akthar Ajeem’s beautiful ‘Moonlight Sonata’ is the star of March. April has ‘Balance’ – pot paintings by students of class four, and May has an oil pastel by Belinda Roy Thomas of class 11, titled ‘Let your slippers fly.’

June’s watercolour ‘Evergreen’ has been painted by young Zenya Siyad of class six and July’s ‘Study of Hand’ is a charcoal painting by Nimmy Santosh of class 10. August and September feature clay modelling projects – Anita Paul’s (class seven) ‘Girl with a flower’ and Marilyn Geomi Rajesh’s ‘Homeward Bound’, respectively. Mother Teresa is the inspiration for October with class nine student Malini S. Vivek’s pencil drawing. November features ‘Ensemble’, sterne paintings by students of class five. Class six student Shivani Jayasaal’s colourful watercolour titled ‘Sunset’ rounds up the calendar, which has been designed by ad agency Stark.

Nita Sathyendran