Trend Young boys and girls love the buzz of theatre, discovers Neeraja Murthy

“It’s all about tradition,” Tevye’s thunderous voice drifts across the small auditorium in Nasr at Khairatabad. As young actor Ramya swaggers along the hall with this punch line, young girls surrounding the keyboard are ready with their next song. “Tradition…” the girls croon as young artistes raise their hands and move in a rhythmic pattern. There is palpable excitement as their director Ratna Shekhar Reddy okays the scene with a thumbs-up sign. It’s the timeless classic Fiddler on the Roof, all set to be staged by the students of Nasr Dramatic Society on November 18 at Satya Sai Nigamagamam. A musical, Fiddler on the Roof tells the story of Tevye, a milkman and his three daughters. With a cast and crew of 50 people, the production promises to stand out with its special performances. (Tickets for the show are available at the venue, Nasr School and Himalaya Book World (Punjagutta).

Says Ramya, the lead actor: “I have never been auditioned for a girl’s role. I think it is something do with my voice.” Her friend Deeksha, part of the musical group is keeping her fingers crossed. “Oh, it has been a joy ride since we started our rehearsals. There have been setbacks but we had a good time,” she declares.

It’s the season of plays and youngsters are all loving it. It is not just the enthusiasm to be on stage, this young brigade enjoys the backstage action too. Says Suhit, a student of Obul Reddy Public School, who has volunteered during plays: “I love the scene backstage when one needs to help actors with their clothes and put props in place. It’s quite thrilling as we have to be on our toes all the time,” he says. Suhit has also acted in a play What Dreams are Made of and redid songs for musical Lion King.

Suhit’s love for theatre is shared by his older brother Sahit, an engineering student at Vasavi and a die-hard lover of plays. “I am quite a dramatic person and tend to overact sometimes,” he says laughingly. After acting in numerous skits in college, when he got an opportunity to play uncle Scar, a negative character in Lion King, the youngster grabbed it with both hands. “Today, the trend is slowly shifting. Films are not the only medium to showcase talent. The options are many,” he says.

For Deeksha Marur of D-Fir Dramatics, ‘theatre is an intoxication that can never be banned. I have grown up watching plays and it is the biggest kick of my life,” she laughs and adds, “With films, you can always change things. There are retakes and edits. But in a play, there are is no second chance.” D-Fir Dramatics has recently staged Tax Free, a humorous play at Taramati Baradari.

Theatre lovers in the city can get ready for some cool productions as Shoelace Productions and Clockworks have something lined up.

* Fiddler on the Roof is being staged by NASR Dramatic Society on November 18 at Satya Sai Nigamam.

* Lion King, a musical was quite a hit especially with kids.

*Tax-Free by D-Fir Dramatics was a comedy. The play staged at Taramati Baradari stood out because of its witty invitation card.

* Theatre groups like Shoelace Productions and Clockworks also have interesting productions lined up.