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FABRIC THE SPUR Models display cotton creations by Chaitanya Rao and Vivek Karunakaran
FABRIC THE SPUR Models display cotton creations by Chaitanya Rao and Vivek Karunakaran

Two city designers spin a stylish look for the Cotton Council International's campaign to promote the natural fabric

In the giddy world of synthetic style, Cotton Council International's `Cool With Cotton' campaign comes like respite rain in a sweltering summer. After a satin-chiffon-georgette season, it's time to think breathable cotton. And that's why designers Chaitanya Rao and Vivek Karunakaran joined CCI's drive to spin a stylish look with the versatile fabric.It was not another flippant fashion moment. With the natural fabric being the focal point of the show, a lot was said about the benefits of using cotton and about how modern technology has helped develop varied textures and finishes. Ashish Dhir, India Representative for Cotton Council International, the export promotion arm of the National Cotton Council of America, explained that CCI's campaign was to "re-acquaint" people with cotton and show them how "cotton was not only comfortable and stylish, but also a multi-purpose fabric. The drive included ramp shows, road shows and promotions at major shopping malls in the metros."In a breezy ramp show (choreographed by Ajit Menon) that followed, supermodels Fleur Xavier and Vidisha Pavate displayed how cotton was cool and haute. The silhouettes were feminine and looked effortless for the wearer — though not for the creator. With subtle detailing such as chiffon trims and print-like embroidery, the designers struck that difficult balance between utility and chic.Chaitanya's white knee-kissing trapeze dress in wispy cotton reflected a subdued aesthetic, while Vivek's black-and-white embroidered bubble top had a sweet, insouciant look. With smile-inducing colour schemes, textural surprises and restrained use of embellishment, the designers attempted to redefine glamour with the simple cotton fabric. As cool styles warmed up on the ramp, the designers too had a little bit of explanation to do about their creations. Chaitanya Rao described how cotton was ideal for a hot-hotter-hottest climate like Chennai and added that the fabric and the styles displayed on the ramp wouldn't wilt when worn from dawn to dusk. Vivek reiterated that cotton was the fabric for people who cared for their environment. "You can feel and look good in cotton," added the designer, himself clad in a cotton shirt. Cotton surely has the mercury rising in style's thermometer! COTTON CAREDon't overdry cotton clothes and sheets as it makes the fabric brittle. Use liquid softener if needed.
The best way to prevent fading is to carefully follow the care instructions on the manufacturer's label.
Worried about a garment leaking dye? You can test it for excess dye by simply dampening it and ironing/pressing it against a bit of white fabric. If the white fabric picks up colour, then wash the garment separately.
Does your dryer leave your jeans wrinkled? Don't leave your jeans in the dryer after the cycle ends. Remove your jeans before they are completely dry and put them on a hanger.T. KRITHIKA REDDY




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