TELEVISION Cracking colour codes with Discovery Science

E ver wondered why the sky is blue? Why leaves turn yellow in autumn? Is colour real, or is it just a construct of our brains? Colour is a fundamental part of our world — all our waking lives, and even in our dreams, we navigate our way through a world of colour.

Discovery Science delves into some of these mysteries in its new series ‘Cracking the Colour Code', which will premiere on January 14, 8.30 p.m.

It will be screened every Friday henceforth, at the same time.  

The programme takes an unprecedented journey to explore the frontiers of how we view colour, make colour and use the power of colour to communicate meaning.

Learn everything, from the stunning capabilities of the eye and brain to the story of how we've come to view the world as we do; from ancient ochre cave paintings to mimicking the iridescence of butterfly wings; and from India's holi festival to one of the world's leading colour forecasters.

Based on years of extensive research, the series draws on a range of disciplines and leading experts — including physicists, neurologists, artists, ethnologists, colour consultants, historians, artisans and marketing executives.