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Art Hari Srinivas' acrylic works beam with artistic saturation

Splash of colour Portraits of West Indian men
Splash of colour Portraits of West Indian men

What strikes you most about Hari Srinivas's work is his choice of colours. The vibrant hues will take you into a journey towards the abstract. In myriad ways, he experiments with his observations and puts colour into them. He deals with impressionistic work — where short, thick strokes of paint are used to quickly capture the essence of the subject, rather than its details. The construction workers, a view of the park and the mellow scene in a bar explore the subject from a distance and there is an emphasis on the larger picture. The European women on two bicycles in one of his paintings in an impressionistic style, draws from Claude Monet's Le Printemps (Springtime).

Hari has brought the usage of a strong and flat brush from the European styles into his works. His works dabble with abstract subjects and yet through his colour schemes and volumes, the subjects emerge clear and crisp. The fuchsias, parrot greens and bright blues lend freedom to the images. Most of Hari's works have come out of travel. His abstract portraits of West Indian men sparkle with Rastafarian colour schemes; he makes use of bright greens, yellows, oranges and reds. The distinct feature in these portraits is the treatment given to the eyes — they stand out bright, filled with emotion. His series on women is a take-off on the cubist art movement — where the subject or the object in question is broken up and assembled again to form a figure with a multitude of viewpoints. The paintings depict nude women, without emphasising on the imperfections of the body, but convey a message of liberation through colour and contrast. His acrylic on canvas, depicting modern day Adam and Eve using patterns and motifs is striking.

The paintings are on view till December 5 at Muse Art Gallery , Marriot Courtyard.





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