Close encounters of the wild kind

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Deadly 60 on a Mission premieres on Animal Planet from April 1

Explorer Steve Backshall returns on his mission to find the world’s deadliest animals. In the new series Deadly 60 On A Mission , Steve and his trusty crew go in search of the biggest, fastest, most venomous animals in his deadliest series ever.

From lethal beauties to killer beasts, his journey takes him to some of the most hostile and remote places on Earth in order to determine the deadliest top 60.

Filmed on location around the world from Sri Lanka to Nepal and Peru to Australia, the team hits the ground running — and they’re bringing the viewers along for the ride. Swimming unprotected with wild alligators, paragliding alongside an Egyptian vulture, being lowered by a helicopter into a crocodile nest in Australia, a close encounter with the most venomous snake on Earth; this is a record-breaking series with the planet’s top predators.

Each animal is assigned three killer facts and rated on the Deadly 60 scale.

In addition, the specials allow viewers to see behind the scenes and find out just what it takes to be part of the Deadly 60 team.

Some of the highlights of the series are:

In South Africa, the crew looks for one of the most iconic deadly animals — the ferocious great white shark.

On this mission Steve also goes in search of the fastest animal on land, uses some of the latest camera technology on a trio of Africa’s deadliest snakes before being charmed by the astonishing snake stomping secretary bird.

On a mission to track down some of the largest deadly animals Asia has to offer, Steve and his crew are chased by a group of ravenous, three metre-long Komodo dragons, the world’s largest venomous lizard. Steve then heads to Nepal in search of more deadly giants.

He enlists the help of an elephant to track down a very grumpy rhinoceros and stalks the forests in search of the largest cat on earth, the highly elusive and endangered Bengal tiger. He also has a chance encounter with a nest of giant honeybees before taking to the skies to paraglide with an Egyptian vulture above the foothills of the Himalayas.

The programme starting April 1, will feature every night at 9 p.m. on Animal Planet.




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