They are everywhere – old movies and their remakes. Whatever industry it may be, movie remakes are usually released with plenty of fanfare, pomp and aplomb. The remakes become more glitzy and savvy. Everyone is talking about them. The actors and actresses are called in for a heated debate, fans anticipate the movies’ releases but somehow, old habits don’t die hard. There is something about the original movie – the freshness, creativity and acting – which is matchless. But, with suave digital technology and more and more movies copied ‘with a twist’, directors and producers are hopeful that the good luck charm of good old cinema will work for them as well. They also hope that the new versions will appeal to the new and modern generation with no technical hiccups and more fast-paced dialogues. But somehow, the silver-screen doesn’t shine as brightly for these movies. Some people feel that the original actor’s acting is miles ahead from the new actor who tries hard to ‘imitate’ or match up to his or her standards and in doing so, it sadly, becomes more an ordeal of constant comparison rather than direct appreciation. So, should directors and script-writers stick to old ideas or move on and develop new ones and or simply go head and remake classics and hope for the best?

Remakes are never good as there is nothing new about them. The acting is usually bad. Such movies have no advantage. They should develop a new story and expand to new ideas and make new original movies to be able to gain more appreciation.

Nitin SrivastavaStudent

For remakes to be successful, the music should be changed. In the olden days, there was no new music. It should be made colourful so that people will get attracted and watch them. Most remakes do not do well in the box office as they are neither here nor there.


Remakes usually cannot be compared with the original. Unless, there is a new modern track, remakes cannot work. Remakes are made because there is a lack of creativity. Some remakes are good especially as there is freshness in acting.

K. MuralidharGovernment employee

We can’t compare remakes to the original movies as they are not a patch on them. We should appreciate the finer aspects like technical details. I don’t think anyone else can play the same role twice to perfection.

NagarajGovernment employee