Discover the richness of Amritsari chaamp

The chaamp packs in the flavour of the streets of Punjab. What looks like rotund mutton cutlets is stuck to a chop and grants an endearing play of tastes. The rich array of spices holds the key to a successful champ. Mutton mince holding diverse flavours is given a shallow fry here.

Amritsari chaamp

For champ

6 mutton chop (one bone)

500 gms mutton

100 gms fat

75 gms finely chopped onion

15 gms finely chopped green chilli

15 gms chopped ginger

Salt to taste

15 gms red chilli pod

12 gms red chilli crushed

10 gms whole coriander crushed

8 gms cumin seed crushed

20 gms fresh coriander

2 eggs

50 gms bread crumbs

Desi ghee for frying

For masala mix

10 gms cinnamon

5 gms clove

8 gms black cardamom seed

8 gms small cardamom seed

10 gms black pepper corn

Roast and grind them all together


For the champ, mix mutton chunks, fat, salt, red chilli powder, whole crushed coriander and cumin seeds. Pass them through the mincer twice. Now mix all the other ingredients and rub well. Flatten one bone chop.

Now put the mutton mince on the flattened meat and give the shape of a medallion with the bone on one side.

Pour desi ghee onto a skillet or a tawa and shallow fry the chops. When done, remove from tawa and sprinkle the masala mix on top. Serve hot.