Anthony Kaun Hai?

T-Series, Rs.58So, it is Sanjay Dutt-Arshad Warsi have aroused the interest of the audiences once again with the film Anthony Kaun Hai? Naturally the songs have triggered interest. And to some extent, the song, Ishq Kiya Kiya sung by Himesh Reshammiya and Sunidhi Chauhan and No Way! No Way! sung by Himesh and KK, have satisfied many people's quest for hummable numbers. Both are rising on the popular charts too. Don't be surprised if one of them sticks like glue to the charts considering Reshammiya's luck this year!Bhangra Pale by Sonu Nigam, Saru Maini and Jayesh, however, is no different from other regular Punjabi foot-tapping numbers. Shreya Ghoshal makes a good pair with Kunal Ganjawala in Tune Mera Chain Vain. Now if only the song was little more euphonic! Because I love you and Let's Rock have been reproduced in remix format too; a quick way of selling music a notch removed from the top of the line.


Universal, Rs.150If the name suggests that you are in for some folk music, forget it. It is a mish-mash of Punjabi and Western beats gone awry. The album opens with Mitra Nu sung by Punnu Brar and Ishq Bector. The only good thing is, before it starts getting on your nerves, it comes to a close. Wild Dreams, again sung by Punnu, is set on the same lines. Here, the English lyrics hardly register. The idea seems to be to do a haunting number but it has failed to fructify. Punnu, who also happens to be a co-producer of the film, tries his hand at too many things. Besides singing, he has written the lyrics and composed music as well for three songs. And the effort shows! The saving grace is Bapi-Tutul partnership. The duo has composed two songs, - Mann Mera sung by Shweta Pandit and Gaurav Bangia, and Rafta Rafta rendered by Runa Rizvi. The slow numbers assuage the spirits after the attack of the clones!