KAHIN PE NIGAHEIN KAHIN PE NISHANAT Series, Rs.60This CD has 10 songs, and coming it does from T-Series, well they are all re-mix renderings by Sangeeta Kopalkar, of some good and famous songs that ruled the hearts of the music fans in the days gone by. In particular three songs - all great compositions from the inimitable O.P. Nayyar - are nice to hear, despite the not-so-good voice of Sangeeta, and the needless raps introduced in the songs, in a manner calculated to mess up the amateurish effort. Anyway one can still sing along those peppy songs - `Reshmi Salwar Kurta Jaali Da' from Naya Daur, `Mera Naam Chin Chin Choo' from Howrah Bridge and the title song from C.I.D. The last one by Shamshad Begum in the original version was pure magic. Most other songs in this album are anyway rank bad either in their original form or in their remix avatar. T-Series doesn't seem to tire of bringing out such pedestrian stuff. To cater to who, after all, we wonder. KAJRA NITE REMIX T-Series, Rs.135Here is another remix CD album from - who else - T-Series, featuring 15 songs. The singers' list in this album reads like a veritable who's who in the world of playback singing. Almost all the bigwigs have been roped in to render what could be arguably a pathetic rendition of songs that we all grew up with and grew up admiring them all. The singers include Sonu Nigam (who many believe started this business of aping great singers like Mohammed Rafi. And to his credit he did well too!), Alisha Chinai, Kumar Sanu, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sneha Pant, Kunal Ganjawala, Abhijeet Sawant (Indian Idol fame), Himesh Reshammiya (current favourite), Amit Kumar and others. But all their combined effort fall flat and fail to save this CD from charting a course of disaster. The CD has borrowed songs like `Kajra Mohabbat Wala', the rollicking song from Kismat, composed by O.P. Nayyar, `Milo Na Tum To' from Madan Mohan's composition for Heer Ranjha, S.D. Burman's `Honton Pe Aisi Baat' from Jewel Thief and of course some of the ruling hits like `Aap Ki Kashish' and `Aashiq Banaya', etc. There is all this passable song `Mera Piya Ghar Aaya' from Yarana. Frankly, it is pretty difficult to sit through and listen to the remix versions rendered in this CD that is extremely overpriced and best avoided. Additionally - and perhaps mercifully - the poor quality of recording matches that of songs, many of the songs getting stuck up like they used to in the days of yore in the age of LP records, thus obviating the need for us to listen to the whole stuff.MAALKAUNS, DR. PRABHA ATRETimes Music, Rs.65This album is one of the series brought out by Times Music based on particular ragas. In this case it is Malkauns, the `original' among all the Kauns ragas. On Side A of the cassette, Prabha Atre gives a reposeful exposition of the khayal composition in vilambit (slow) Ek tala. The words are "Jaako mana Raam". On the other side it continues with a composition in drut Ek tala in the same raga. The lyrics are "Mana samajha baaware". This is followed by the well-known "Jamunaa kinaare", a dadra composition based on a folk song of Madhya Pradesh, set to the raga Manj Khamaj, which has always been a popular part of the eminent vocalist's recitals.AKSAR T-Series, Rs.135 Capitalising on his hit nasal crooning "Aashik Banaya Aapne" Himesh Reshamiya, the music composer has come up with another one in this film, "Jhalak Dikhlja", utterly noisy and meaningless song and yet the youngsters are swinging to it because of its fast beats. His nasal tone grows on nerves. At many places, it seems to draw its oohs and aahs from "Aashik Banaya" only. Mercifully, realising his limitations, he gives the song "Soniye" to KK and Sunidhi Chauhan and there comes a refreshing change. It is a fast, euphonic number in soft voices. Kunal Gunjawala couldn't raise his magic with "Loot Jayenge" this time. While "Lagi Lagi" sung by Himesh and Sunidhi and "Mohabbat Ke Sung" by Tulsi Kumar and Himesh himself are fast enough to induce a headache. Himesh should restrict himself to some occasional numbers. Only into his second album, he is quite repetitive. Incidentally, this score comes with the remixes of all the numbers in the album itself!