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TANHAAI... Can listen the silence

Venus, Rs... 65 (CD)Well, this is not quite music but mere cacophony. A wasted effort surely by debutante Sumit Paul. The singer, Sumit Paul has an absolutely untrained voice, which not only leaves the songs flat but also makes them sound garish. The album has nine numbers. It includes a remix "Ya Ali" from the film Gangster, which falls tough on the ears. "Woh Duwaa", Paul's solo, being with fast beats, may lead you to tap your feet initially. But beware, you would soon realise your folly. It simply falls flat towards the end. In the sad romantic score, "Lagi Hain", the only thing that makes it a little gloomy is the occasional violin. Else, it has fast beats of tabla and dholak. Paul's immature voice in this song is jarring most times. "Kaula Samundar" comes as a one-off, partial relief among a string of hopeless, everyday fare."Ishq Tujhko Salam" that Paul sings with Mahalaxmi, is yet another dampner. We remember noted lyricist Javed Akhtar praising Mahalaxmi's voice as one among the best contemporary singers some time back. If this is the quality she delivers, she doesn't deserve this praise. Paul sings yet another song, "Tadpa Diya" with Mahalaxmi, which is just passable. "Kabhi Shabnam" may grow on certain listeners who have fleeting interest in music. "Lagi Hai" with some unnecessary alap inserted into the song, attempts to make it sound somewhat semi classical, but it fails miserably. Then, Paul does the mistake of crooning "Ya Ali". He doesn't even come close to Zubeen Garg in it. Not one but twice he croons the number in the album, the second time, in remix style. Once the album comes to an end, one invariably feels that the album's music director and lyricist Praveen Bhardwaj must need to do a bit of soul searching before coming out with his next album. Also, one doesn't quite expect such a pedestrian fare from a music company like Venus, which has many a great album to its credit over the years. (Compiled by RS)




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