EVENT Listen to the MMA Choir render the “Crucifixion” on March 19

T he Madras Musical Association Choir will render John Stainer's oft-performed “Crucifixion” and other classical works on March 19 at Museum Theatre, 7 p.m. The MMA has invited a few talented musicians to form a mini chamber orchestra to play for the “Crucifixion”.

The work was composed for choir and organ, bass and tenor. But this rendition is a different interpretation and involves many soloists with varied voice ranges.

The 80-strong choir will be conducted by Augustine Paul and accompanied on the piano by Edwin Roy.

Stainer (1840-1901) was one of the most distinguished musicians of his generation. In 1872 he was appointed organist of St. Paul's Cathedral, where he raised performance standards and expanded the repertoire. He was renowned for his considerable scholarship as a researcher into and editor of early music. He was regarded as one of the foremost composers of cathedral music, and was closely involved with the compilation of “Hymns Ancient & Modern”. He was also the music editor of several other important publications.

He was a Professor at Oxford, a general inspector of music education, and president of several professional bodies. As organist, conductor, composer, teacher and author, the immense contribution of Stainer to the music of his time can scarcely be overestimated.

The Rev. William Sparrow-Simpson, Succentor and Librarian of St Paul's, compiled the libretto, drawing on the Gospel accounts for the narrative elements of the story, and writing the texts of the choruses, arias and hymns himself.

The evening will also see a few classical instrumental pieces by the orchestra. Haydn's “Te Deum” is another major choral work that will be performed. Selections from Bach, Beethoven and Mozart will feature, besides light Gospel pieces.

The 90-minute concert promises to be entertaining. A ticket priced at Rs. 200 will ensure a seat in the hall, while tickets priced at Rs. 300 are available for the inner circle.

Donor passes are available at Musee Musical, ph: 28522780 and 28516474, Pro Musicals: 29193607 and with the choir.

For more information, contact 98400-85531 and 98402-98983.