Chefs Zhong Ye and Zhou Bai Yan bring Chinese delicacies to town

To celebrate the Chinese New Year or the lunar year of the boar, Mainland China has brought down Chefs Zhong Ye and Zhou Bai Yan. The new year feast is an auspicious and traditional way to begin the coming year and the chefs will be in town to recreate these delicacies. Stir Fried Lamb with cumin and onion, Fire Baked Fish with red peppers and Aromatic Duck with Golden Ginger Keongs' Style feature alongside vegetarian delicacies like crispy cauliflower with dry chilli and honey, Shongging Chilli Mushrooms and Red Braised Winter melon sautéed baby corn with pickled bamboo shoot. Other dishes will include ingredients from the Hunanese Larder that each have a particular flavour and texture as well as a significance. Guests can dip into the Fortune pots while they enjoy the colourful Dragon dance. The menu will be available till March 5