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DIET Summer is synonymous with foods that keep you cool. Ice-cream tops the list, but according to a study it is one of the worst junk foods

Come summer and thoughts of cool treats flood our mind. Whether one is mall-hopping or visiting the movies or going on an evening stroll, the sight of an ice cream cart or vending machine is welcome.

Besides the Indian brands, international brands are being lapped up by ice-cream lovers. And when there is a ‘one plus one offer' on various flavours, can we resist it? To attract ice-cream lovers, manufacturers are coming up with newer flavours every other day.

But, to strike a note of caution — it is important to know how your favourite block of flavoured crème was stored. With electricity playing hide and seek, it is a must to know how safe and consumable ice creams are.

Constant melting and freezing can lead to the breeding of bacteria in milk products. However, this also depends on the quality of milk and water used.

Dr Aftab Ahmed, a physician at a leading hospital in Hyderabad, says, “Since milk is an important component of ice cream, it is a must that milk should be pasteurised. Unpasteurised milk and unhealthy drinking water are the two major factors that cause salmonella bacteria to thrive in a product. This can lead to major stomach infections. The longevity or the shelf life of milk products such as ice cream too should be kept in mind before it is purchased.”

While avoiding an ice cream during summer is almost impossible and utmost care should be taken while purchasing one, another study published on an online portal lists this favourite food as one of the worst junk foods.

The study says ice creams make it to the list of all-time worst junk foods simply because of their creamy and sweet appeal.

A single serving of most retailed ice creams is known to contain more than 15 gm of fat and a high dose of sugar.

Its cold nature ensures that one's metabolism is impaired for a few hours while the high fat content makes a direct contribution to the waistline.

While nutritionist Esther Sathiraj agrees ice cream is unhealthy, she is not for avoiding it altogether. She says, “When people are told to avoid a particular food, it is only natural that the craving for it increases. Moderate consumption is ideal coupled with a healthy workout routine.”

Doctors suggest purchasing milk products, particularly ice cream from reputed companies after checking their expiry date.





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